The Stunning Angel of Bidadari Cliffside Villa

When you think about going on a holiday there are plenty of places that you can go to, but if spare time for holiday is very hard for you to get and you already striving yourself throughout the year then a place that you can completely feel relax is the place for you to choose. One of the places that will give all the tranquillity that you want is the one beautiful Island in Indonesia named Bali. Located below Asia and above the land down under Australia, this island is a gem for those who seek for the total relaxation.

This beautiful island even called as the island of gods, for its enchanting religious culture and its superb natural beauty, so this is one of the best place in the world for all vacationers to find the solitude and solace in their busy life, to get the best experience in the island, finding the best place to stay during your holiday is essential. Bali has lots of luxury villa for rent that has gained their famous for their design concept and service. And one of the villas that stand out the most is the Bidadari villa in Nusa Dua. Continue reading

Discover the Magic of Bali

When you think that you already had enough with the entire things that happened to you, and you just simply feel bored with the everyday life. You had seen your child grow up and being a parent, saw you grandchild blooms into a beautiful person, seeing every single thing that happened in their life. You might think that it is time for you to get the time for your own, where you can recaptured all the feeling that you already left decades ago. Feel the summer time again, walking down the beach feel the smooth white sand on your feet, meeting someone new, having a new conversation. If you think that that was all what you want now, why don’t you put your time to go to Bali? It’s such a nice place with a nice people to see, and spend your time without thinking about the past time. Continue reading

Prepare Your Own Meat at Your Seminyak Villas Bali

Your Seminyak Bali villas must be outfitted with a modern kitchen. The same as you are hiring the whole property; it is too dear if you do not make use of this special space. Cooking your own meal there is a nice thing to create a mood of a home away from home. But it is indeed difficult to build such an atmosphere when your stay in the Island of Paradise is not too long. But you can always take on a cook to prepare your meal. However, if you are a cooking-lover, you want to make use of the kitchen by yourself.

At what time you desire to cook your native recipe in your Seminyak villas bali probably there is a big problem. For example, you cannot find some fresh ingredients and material for the cooking recipe. Perhaps, due to the different cuisine culture you may not find either the ingredients or the materials and you able to go out to the local market. In same time, you may also try to go to supermarket but the ingredients and materials almost frozen. That is why it is rather difficult to make your native foods. So, if you really want to have your usual meals, you should go to a restaurant. Continue reading

A Good Seminyak Villas Agent Should be Able to Help Their Client’s Needs

Seminyak Villas are the most recommended place to stay for tourists who are on a vacation in Bali, the world’s last paradise. Although Bali has experienced a very severe tragedy of the Bali bombing that occur two times in few years ago, but did not make Bali tourism industry bankrupted even after the tragedy, Bali tourism is growing well. Hospitality industry is growing rapidly, tourists should not be afraid to pay for expensive accommodation in Bali because the security is very assured. But it is not just a place to stay became the main focus of tourists, supporting facilities around the place to stay is also very necessary. Travelers are recommended to seek tourism related services close to where they were staying.

Even with limited information, tourists can get the best accommodation that they expected as long as they use trusted and professional Seminyak Villas marketing agent. A professional agent should be able to provide the client a complete Seminyak villas list and in accordance with the wishes of clients, the offered villas are also have to fit the standard Luxury Bali villas that have been agreed by BVRA (Bali Villa Rental Accosiation). The list must be clear, concise, and straightforward so will be able to show the difference between service and facilities in each villas and of course the basic information such as location and the surrounding area. In this way, clients will understand why a villa priced more expensive than others and clients are also able to decide which villa to be booked. Continue reading

Bali Rafting Tips: Rowing Technique on White Water Rafting

In general, rubber boats used for white water rafting is controlled in two ways:
- Only a paddle with two long oars. It also functions as rowers in the boat captain. This system is called OAR TECHNIQUES.
- The whole crew rowing and one as captain. This system is called PADDLERAFT TECHNIQUES. Follow the rowing technique by Bali Rafting here:

Sitting in a rubber boat in fact there is no absolute rule, because it depends on your sense of balance and comfort each controlled by a boat crew. But once known how to sit for this is twofold: First to sit like riding a horse (Cowboy style) in which both legs clamped circular air tube boat. Who’s the second way is like a woman sitting ride motorbikes, where both feet into the inside of the boat.

For the crew of a boat that chose to sit by cowboy style should always be vigilant and immediately pulled into the outside of the foot when the boat would hit the rocks. In the setting position of the boat crew attempted to share power equally between the two sides of the boat, and if the number is odd, then there is a seat in the stern of the boat to act as captain and driving, steer the boat when one side or another are not rowing in unison.

In the row should not be excessive without proper direction. But if it needed additional speed, then insert the handle of the paddle into the water and paddle with full force. On this occasion the abdominal muscles and arms were deployed to obtain the optimal power and effective. Movement and direction of the paddle that needs to be understood by all crew boats are as follows:

1.2.1. Rowing Forward (Forward Strokes)
Starting with the paddle to push the leaf outer face with his hands. Then hold this position briefly with a strong push to the front handle of the paddle to push the leaf paddles deep into the water. Continue rowing by pushing the handle of the oar handle at once interesting, by maintaining leaf paddle at right angles so that the paddle under the buttocks. Remove the leaves and turn the leaf paddle paddle parallel to the surface of the water. Repeat again. This is often called a strong paddle. Other types of rowing forward is to put the paddle over to the outside.

1.2.2. Rowing Back (Back Stroke)

The opposite of the forward stroke. Dip your paddle into the water leaves so far back buttocks, then push the handle to the face while pulling the handle back and the movement ends when the leaves are at the beginning of rowing oars forward.

1.2.3. Pull the paddle (Draw Stroke)
Carried out by driving the paddle leaves a lot to the side and then pull it toward the boat with a straight.

1.2.4. Paddle sideways (Pry Stroke)
Is the inverse of the paddle pull and is a complement to control the boat and captain is usually done sitting in the stern to control the boat.

Need a good communication between the crew of the boat with the captain, it agreed to be re-approved a number of command is clear and concise:

1. Go ahead, all rowing forward.
2. Strong, all powerful rowing.
3. Paddle back, all rowing back.
4. Turn right, back row right, the left paddle forward.
5. Turn left, back row left side, right side paddle forward.
6. Pull the right, pull the right paddle, paddle left side.
7. Pull the left, pull the left paddle, paddle sideways right.
Tips and article by Rafting in Bali, a trusted rafting and adventure company in Bali.