Choose the Best Photography Services for Your Wedding in Bali 

wedding bride Photography is the best way to capture moments so that you could share these moments with your friends and families. You could use photography for various special events, from your sister’s birthday to your graduation day. Most people use simple photography equipment to capture these moments. However, for more formal events, you might need to use professional service to capture the moments. One of the most precious events that might occur in your life is your wedding. Besides prepare many things for your wedding, from your wedding dress to wedding venue reservation, you also need to find the best wedding photography service that could help you capture the moments in this remarkable event. To find the best company that could provide the best wedding photography service, you need to consider many things, from your budget, your needs, and the types of photography products that are offered by this company. By paying attention to all these details, you might be able to find the best wedding photography service for your wedding. 
There are many places that you could choose as your wedding venue these days. If you want to arrange your wedding at exotic place, Bali is definitely the best choice for you. The exotic landmark of this island will make your wedding become more memorable. If you would like to find wedding photography service that could capture Pictures of wedding at The Istana Villa, you could find it easily in Bali. For those of you who don’t have proper knowledge about this issue, you could ask for some useful recommendations from your friends or families in Bali about recommended wedding photography service in this area. You also could use some helps from your wedding organizer to find this wedding photography service. Search any information you need about wedding photography service in Bali through the internet is also a very good way to get the best wedding photography service for your wedding. Some companies that offer wedding photography service in Bali might have their own website which could be visited during your search through the internet.  

The best wedding photography service not only be able to create beautiful pictures of your wedding event but also could capture any emotions that occur during this memorable event. Wedding photographer who pay attention to any details at your wedding and could use his skill in capturing these details into amazing photograph might be the best choice for you if you want to get the best wedding photography service. This remarkable skill only could be achieved by photographers who have years of experience in wedding photography service. They realize that wedding is not just a memorable event but also an event where filled with love, passion and intimacy. By understanding these characteristics, a notable wedding photographer would be able to capture any emotions created during the wedding that are described through smiles, gestures and expressions. If you see Wedding images at The Istana, you could feel the emotions that flow in the atmosphere of this event through these images. This makes people who see these images not only see the beauty of the event but also could feel this memorable event. 
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East Bali Tour

amed diving viewI got 5 days off last week, it caused Idul Fitri holiday. So i made some planning to make my holiday useful, then contact my brothers that have same hobby, photography.

Finally we choice East Bali for our destination. Why East Bali ? we got much objects that we could capture trough our camera. Get started from take sunrise at Kusamba Beach, then we go to virgin balinese village at Tenganan, after that we take breakfast in the restaurant next to Water Garden at Candi Dasa, then go to Amed, and the last was Tirtha Gangga.

Very amazing to go there, i will tell you why East Bali suitable for photography :
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Family photograph or pre-wedding photograph session ?

bali pre-wedding photographerIf you’re a photographer have you ever experienced

to take pre-wedding photograph session which your objects aren’t only wedding couple, but bridesmaid, groomsman or maid of honour coming along.According my opinion, it’s not suitable, but what we can do if our client want it, our idealism have to back down. The Main resistance is how to keep mood of wedding couple with their “peoples” in order to photograph session they feel enjoy too, especially for the bridesmaid. For the photographer, it will influence your mood as a photographer.

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