Three ceremonies in two weeks

In last of March 2009, we will find three big ceremonies for Balinese. First is Galungan, second is Nyepi and then Kuningan. Usually, Galungan and Kuningan will be celebrate every 6 month, where Kuningan will celebrate ten days after Galungan Day.

Little different with both ceremonies above, Nyepi Day or many people known as Silent Day will be celebrate once a year. But in this year, three ceremonies above will be celebrate in two weeks. Many peoples have enthusiastic to celebrate ceremonies in this year, but we will not find Ogoh-ogoh (giant puppet) on Pengerupukan day (day before Nyepi), it caused in this period Indonesia will hold election.

Happy Galungan, Kuningan, and Nyepi Day !

Photo by Ramayadi

Flood is ghost for Denpasar City

Radar Bali reported, Legian also got flood. As we known, has been 3 days since Saturday evening, Denpasar got downfall and it made flood for some area in Denpasar.

In Kuta area, Dewi Sri street, Nakula street, Kresna street, Sri Rama street, and Sunset Road street are in serious flood condition. Especially at Sunset Road street, the flood as high as knee, and it made some motorcycles and cars got strike while heading off at Sunset Road street.

Else where, flood also inundated Dewi Sri street. Whereas in house complex high of flood was 50 centimeter until 2,5 meter.

We never experience it before, the flood has been a new trend in Denpasar, and it’s a problem for us and we need to stand together to make it out, how ? we have to keep clean our area, starting from our house, throw trash to the right place and the important is keep trees be alive!

For Prosperous New Year 2009

This day is a last day in year 2008, and as we known it’s hard to walk in couple last months in this year. Global crisis has been a night mare for some countries and also for peoples here. In my tough, many peoples will help a same expectation for next 2009, go out from the crisis. And some Bali villas agent also have same hopes, survive in this crisis!

Couple month ago, i wrote that Bali tourism didn’t get impact from the crisis, at least until January 2009, but honestly i doubt it. I hope Bali will survive in this crisis, as Bali has experience in crisis, from Bali bomb I & II, Aceh tsunami, etc. Bali is depend on Tourism, and many peoples here have occupation in tourism related business.

We have to survive and go out from the global crisis, for prosperous new year 2009. Happy New Year to all of you!

Beware of effect of terrorist attack in mumbai

I saw on TV this morning, that terrorist aggressed some hotels in Mumbai, India and have killed approx 100 peoples. The victims also from United Kingdom and Australia.

On my opinion, the terrorist used different strategy, they don’t only using bomb or suicidal bomber, but they also shooted and aslo hostaged the guests in hotel. They did it to find hotel guests which from US and UK.

What the effect from Bali tourism ? Tourism is really sensitive with security issue. After global crisis has implicated tourism industry in Bali, now some country such as UK, US, and Australia might be release travel warning for their citizen. I got information from my friends on tourism industry, that hotels and villas in Bali have low booking for next year as global crisis issue. We hope this crisis and also terrorist issue not decrease occupancy of hotels and villas in Bali.

My deepest sympathy for mumbai terror victims

The killer bomber “Amrozy” to be execute on first Novermber 2008

Happy to hear, finally Indonesia Government trough the attorney general announced that Amrozy, Imam Samudra and Muklas will be execute their dead penalty on first of November 2008.

This announcement has been waiting by all the peoples especially Balinese, after delay since five year ago. I have dissapointed when every time i saw their killer smile on TV and never have guilt to kill 205 peoples on 2002.

We also need to wary from another Amrozy that could be bombing every where in this country. Peoples like this has been got ‘washing brain’, so it’s permitted to kill everybody that they think infidel.

Good Bye Amrozy Cs, i wish you really got heaven like you always said on TV!