SEO does not Guarantee Your Success

It is clear that Bali led the emerge of online marketing in Indonesia. It is obvious that Bali is home to most successful online entrepreneurs as well as most seasoned online marketing specialists in the country. Multi-million dollars of various products – from tourism to real estate – have been traded every year from Bali, online.

Those successful online marketing elites have gone through a lot of stressful experience. Just like in any other side of our life, their success was not achieved instantly in a blink. Just like anything else in our life, when you are short in financial capital you have to be prepared to spend more in other sides, brain, time, and energy.

It is widely known that one the most prominent factor of their success is SEO, the free way to drive tons of business leads from popular search engine, to our online shop. That is 100% correct. With successful SEO, we are not only getting visitors to our shop, those visitors need our merchandise.

Unfortunately as crowd of followers comes in expectation of slice of the fortune, most of them swept away in disappointment. Many of those who failed to secure their slot in online marketing success have spend their sweat on a finally successful SEO effort. But still, as they are getting flood of traffic into their websites, none of them buys.

I have been in online marketing for more than a decade, enough time to see those rises and falls. In my early days I was in fact struggling the same experience as well. The most prominent mistake in my view is that people believes that SEO is everything. A kind of “When you get your website floats to the first page of Google, you will start to get flood of dollars into your pocket”.

That believe is damn wrong. Online marketing is no difference in principle with brick and mortar business. Online marketing has SEO (and many other methods) to bring visitors into the online shop. Brick and mortar business has the same stage in different form, media advertising for example.

As you get flood of visitors hit your doorsteps, another critical step kicks in. You have to make them find what they need in your online shop, convinced that you are the right place to buy it, and pull their wallet. These process includes a lot of things, from the way you arrange and present the products in your website to competitive price.

Is SEO important, YES. But it is only one in a series of long and exhaustive process. Will you fail without it, maybe, but not necessarily. There are many other ways to drive traffic of visitors to a website, PPC, banner exchange, affiliate marketing, are just to name some.

I hope it gives you a better insight in relationship between SEO and Online Marketing.

Increase your online selling

online_selling.gifOk, i just wanna share about what i see on online selling. I believe every body optimized their website to make it popular and get more traffic on internet. For me successful SEO is not successful seller.

My friend told me yesterday, that his friend’s website got much inquiry from internet but nothing deal with the customer. And my another friend only get 1 or 2 inquiry a month but she could increase her online selling.She told me that the prompt reply with good explanation about your product is a must for online seller. Well negotiate could help too.

So, SEO is important when you try to sell your product on internet, and prompt reply with good negotiate for any inquiry is a must, although your customer only ask about your product. This is 2008, and the competition become complicated, we should aware about our online selling.

Happy selling !

Get reciprocal link with me

I was busy on 2 weeks ago, prepared lecture module until take human interest and nature photos , so i forgot to create link directory on my subdomain. it was inspired when i got an email from somebody that said he won’t to exchange link with one of my site, caused it still PageRank 0, and that guy said i could back again someday if i have minimum PageRank 2. Well, for me it’s not fair, he got my link and i have no link from him. From that case, i learned why i don’t make my own directory, so peoples can make reciprocal link with me. Now it’s live already, and i invite all of you to make reciprocal link with my web.

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Valueable Lesson From SEO Case

my wedding diary ImagesMore than 2 month,, one of my client got down from Google SERP for
some keyword like “Bali Wedding Organizer”.

i’m still learning about SEO, so i don’t know the certain cause of that. After looking back the title, meta keyword, headline, etc that i used before, that’s could be category as spamming technique. And google very hate spam.

The story began when i updated its wedding venue. I want it could indexed fast at Google, so i submitted all of the wedding venue url into Google’s database, and Google known it as spamming. After that case, the next day i got disappear from first SERP. More than 1 month, i try to find what the main problem, searching into SEO web, forum, and finally my conclusion is :

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