Creepy Tourism of Tana Toraja

Imagine when you walk among the dead in a quiet cave. It looks so scary but in the other side this is also fun and you can do in when you visit Tana Toraja. Tana Toraja is a regency of South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. This is a home for Toraja ethnic that is known for their great cultures. Tana Toraja is an interesting place to be chosen as your holiday destination. Walking among the dead is only one of the unique things to be found in Tana Toraja. You can reach this place from Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi province by car or public transportation. Tana Toraja is about 300 km north of Makassar. This may be a long road but you are going to forget about it once you arrive in Tana Toraja.

If you love traditional unique cultures then you are going to love being at Tana Toraja. There are Megalith buildings you are going to meet in Tana Toraja. First, you can see traditional house called Tongkonan Pallawa that is very unique and interesting. This traditional house is built between bamboo trees in the hill and decorated with horn. You shouldn’t forget to see Londa, sheer stone next to Toraja’s traditional cemetery. Batu Tumonga is also an interesting place to visit where you can see the products of megalith like Menhir and from this place you are going to see the beauty of Rantepau and the places close to this area.

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Are You Interested in Conducting Culinary Travelling?

About Culinary Travelling

If what we discuss here is about culinary travelling, what may come to your mind in the first time? Like the name implies, such kind of travelling have the relation the most to the way people conduct travelling while enjoying certain option of culinary in certain area or region out there. Culinary is the processed form of food dishes. If it is about culinary tour, it means that we do fun activities that involve various types of food. Usually, we will sample several types of food served at the places visited. For any of you who never conduct such culinary travel before, you can read the information which I may provide here.

japanese culinary

What to Consider

First consideration to think when you have decided to conduct culinary travel is the reference. You can look reference in conducting culinary travel either from written guide books, websites, magazine, articles / newspapers, a visual spectacle on television or spoken form of the narrative of experts, elders and the owner of the restaurant. Reference is very important for us to have before conducting culinary travel. The purpose is to find out what kind of food provide and we can also know the location, how to cook / presentation, price, and also testimonials from people about the taste.

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Kefalonia, Best Place for Calming Your Mind

Do you want to calm your mind? That’s good idea, if you have been busy with lot of stressful job this year. Having a break time and go vacation is great thing to do to refresh your mind. Of course, if you want to get the best experience in your vacation, you need to choose right place for vacation. Now, if you want to calm your mind, which means escape from your daily routine, you can choose Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is a small island in Greek. This is the best place where you can feel calm. There are not too many crowds here. The scenery of this island is beautiful with many hills and mountain that also give you a great experience that you can’t forget. And, the best about this island is there are also many celebrities that vesting this island for vacation and relaxation. If you visit this island, you can stay at Lassi. This is the biggest tourist resort you can find in this island.  This tourist resort has complete facility and it’s also affordable. However, if you want to try to experience the vacation like celebrity, you can choose Fiskardo. So, what can you get in this island? First, you can explore the beautiful mountain in this island. Or, if you like beach, there is Myrtos, one of the best beaches in Greece. If you like shopping, there are lots of stores that sell lot of unique products from this island. You can buy ceramic, wine or almond pralines. 
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Beautiful 7 Bedrooms Villa for Great Vacation in Bali

avalon bali
Escaping from your daily routines will be good for your business. After a few days of refreshing your brain and relaxing your body, you will be ready for the business again. Now, it is important to get such as a wonderful place with natural touch and privacy where you and your family can stay together for the vacation and enjoy the day. Bali offers you plenty of chance to relax and refresh your mind. Covered in beautiful seaside Canggu, you will see Avalon Bali Villa. This villa is one of the most breathtaking private and luxurious villa estates in Bali. The luxury 7 bedroom villa offers you wonderful tropical garden and luxury services. The owners of the villa has long time ago dreaming for a villa that gives a truly magical vacation moment for any family and couple that wanting a luxurious relaxing moment blended with privacy and harmony. The villas offers you wonderful view of coconut trees and terraced rice paddies while you sit in the silently tucked away near the shores creating amazing natural sounds created by the waves hitting the beach.
The Avalon Bali Villa provides the guests with 1–bedroom, 2-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom, 6-bedroom, and 7-bedroom villa depending in your needs and each comes with a swimming pool. The 1-bedroom villas come with a private swimming pool. Staying in this Avalon Bali Villa, you will not only enjoying the most comfortable and private villas but also you will enjoy the most delightful vacation destination in the world. With your family of friends, the holiday will be much more fun and exciting. The Avalon Bali Villa is located in Canggu sub-district and it is only a minute away from the famous Canggu beach. The villa is designed with amazing and elegant tropical gardens supported with traditional interiors such traditional Joglo and furniture. The guests have options to choose the number of bedroom they need. Every room is equipped with amenities and professional and friendly personnel are aided to ensure that your holiday in Avalon Bali Villa is your best holiday ever. You will feel like living in your own home with the comfort the Avalon Bali Villa offers you. English speaking personnel, professional chef, entertainment and lounging facilities, security staffs, professional housekeeping and so on will make you reluctant to leave the villa even for a walk. Fine foods are served on your command and only fresh foods are use to create a magnificent dishes for you and your family. Executive chef is ready for 24/7 to make your any desired foods, appetizer, main course, and others.

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White Sand Beaches in Yogyakarta

vredeburg castle Yogyakarta is sure one of the historical cities in Indonesia. Tourists from different cities and from abroad like to visit Yogyakarta as it offers the beauty of the old building and historical places. Some are very attracted to the beaches mostly the white sand beaches. No need to go to Bali because Yogyakarta has some beautiful beaches with white sand and beautiful view. Sure it will take longer time than the beaches near the center of the city. The beaches are in Wonosari and by using car or motorbike it will take more than two hours from the center of the city. Though it takes long time, but it’s worthy. Some beautiful beaches are waiting for you and they will show you the real beauty of nature.

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