Can’t write post until 2 times !

Have you ever experience situation like me? you have write post on your wordpress then when you click publish button, it will send you to 404 error page (the page that show “oop’s sory it’s not found”) .

i got this problem until 2 times, that’s way i never post any news on November. I try to find any answer on Google and may be i caused from the character or something like that, i don’t know exactly. If you have any solutions about my problem, please let me know. I really appreciate it.

How to insert google map into wordpress static page

google map ImagesI just wanna share about how to add Google Map API to one of your static page on wordpress. Today, i got an order to add google map for Rakornas APTIKOM 2007
website,honestly i never used google map for show on a website.

I decide to search google map plugins for wordpress, but i don’t find the suitable (read:can not using, hehehe ). Finally i decide to insert Google Map API code manually to the page,in my case is INFORMASI page (note: you can change INFORMASI with About or id page)

Ok, herewith the tutorial :

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Fixing pages menu on my WordPress Theme

wordpress menu bar ImagesFinally i fixed my old problem. I’m new with WordPress and try to create my own WordPress Theme. When i create my first WordPress Theme, I couldn’t create background on menu bar when user click ABOUT or CONTACT button, but now it’s done already. The problem is i don’t define page_item and current_page_item class on my css, i was define page_loaded class only, where it used by is_home function.

The conclusion is :

When you decide to create different background or border
in each menu, define a class (with background) that will use for
is_page function,then define page_item class (without background),
and the end is define current_page_item (with background).

see the sample below :

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