East Bali Tour

amed diving viewI got 5 days off last week, it caused Idul Fitri holiday. So i made some planning to make my holiday useful, then contact my brothers that have same hobby, photography.

Finally we choice East Bali for our destination. Why East Bali ? we got much objects that we could capture trough our camera. Get started from take sunrise at Kusamba Beach, then we go to virgin balinese village at Tenganan, after that we take breakfast in the restaurant next to Water Garden at Candi Dasa, then go to Amed, and the last was Tirtha Gangga.

Very amazing to go there, i will tell you why East Bali suitable for photography :

  1. Tenganan Village, this place is one of the last virgin balinese village in Bali. You will get much human interest objects there. They still use traditional clothes, although some of them used modern clothes already. Tenganan village locate in west of Candi Dasa, the village appear isolated from other, that’s make they very unique. The building still traditional from the past. So, if you have interest to take human interest photography, this place is must to visit.
  2. Water Garden at Candi Dasa, candi dasa is a tourism district in Karangasem. You will get much of restaurant, bungalows or hotels with beach view. For landscape photographer, Candi Dasa has a spot to capture, yes..it’s name Water Garden. Locate in hearth of Candi Dasa, very easy to get there, because the location is roadside. I don’t know exactly when Water Garden has built. The wide lotus pond with tropical coconut trees beside the beach as a background is the point of interest of this place. So, better you come there with wide lens on your camera.
  3. Amed and Tulamben, both of that place is a one of diving destination in Bali. Blue ocean and sky with Mount Agung as a background will be your interest. Just try to get Amed until top, you will get amazing ocean view with big mount as a background.
  4. Tirtha Gangga, it’s a one of holy bathing place in Bali. In the past, Tirtha Gangga used to be bathing place for the king’s family and now it’s been bathing place for guests. It’s very unique place.
  5. Another interest place for photography is Taman Ujung, that place was a rest place for king and his family. Merge of colonial and Bali traditional architecture design made this place very unique. On the top of this place is the point of interest, the rest of build that damaged by the earthquake in the past, make very romantic place for make pre-wedding photography there. That’s way, now Taman Ujung very popular place for pre-wedding photography in Bali.

Interest to take photos there or just get East Bali tour ? If you interest to see more photos about East Bali view, please visit my photos album and feel free to contact me if you have a question

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