From Bali to Singapore

Bali is a picturesque island, situated in Indonesia, with many beautiful beaches to visit. Its capital, Denpasar, is full of excitement and fun – which is great if you are planning on going travelling with a group of friends. The island has a population around 3.9 million and enjoys a great climate all year round.

Visit the “Tirtha Empul Temple” and the “Pura Taman Ayun” which are popular tourist destinations. In addition, you might want to go by the “Kuta Beach” which looks like one of the beaches that you dream about going to. Bali received the Best Island award in 2010 from Travel and Leisure. It is one of the most relaxing and tranquil places to visit. Finding a place to stay here doesn’t have to be complicated, a lot of people just turn up to Bali and look through the streets to find a cheap hostel. However, if you like to know where you are going, then booking an apartment or flat beforehand via the internet is worth doing. Hurry – your next holiday apartment is waiting for you.


There are some extremely cheap flights that you can take from Bali to Singapore. It is definitely worth seeing both islands, as both are as pretty as each other and both should be experienced. The city of Singapore covers the whole island, which is amazing if you think about it. There are around 5 million people who live on this island, most of Chinese or Malay descent. The climate here is wonderful, reaching lovely temperatures in the summer and all year round for that matter. There is lots of arts and museums on this island, so make sure you visit all what is available to you during your stay in this incredible city.

Both islands, Bali and Singapore, are great places to go on holiday or if you want to life somewhere else for a while. Having tropical beaches and a great climate is an attractive feature for anyone wishing to go abroad!

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