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I was busy on 2 weeks ago, prepared lecture module until take human interest and nature photos , so i forgot to create link directory on my subdomain. it was inspired when i got an email from somebody that said he won’t to exchange link with one of my site, caused it still PageRank 0, and that guy said i could back again someday if i have minimum PageRank 2. Well, for me it’s not fair, he got my link and i have no link from him. From that case, i learned why i don’t make my own directory, so peoples can make reciprocal link with me. Now it’s live already, and i invite all of you to make reciprocal link with my web.

Whatever your pagerank, from 0 to 7, i will happy to make reciprocal link with you, and i believe someday this site will get better pagerank. But i don’t accept any porn, adult, gambling and viagra site to make reciprocal link with me. Please follow this directory

4 thoughts on “Get reciprocal link with me

  1. for me it doesnt matter what page rank is the blog as long as the blog is fun, interesting and the author is friendly, got their own style of writing and got attitude…

    hmm…. why that person like that…!

  2. It obviously unfair. If we want to get exchange link between should be from one web to another web vice versa.

    But kindly noted that we should link to at least the same web description otherwise some says google would not allow that

    Always see the world by smiling ,loving and caring…..


  3. have just put the backlink to your blog; appreciate if you can make a backlink to aroengbinang. salam….

  4. I would surely love to exchange link with your site. I will add your link in my blog ASAP!

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