Promoting Bali Tourism Trough Jazz Music

Eastmania, an international jazz group has held a concert entitled A Quixotic Flash with Eastmania or A Sweet Memories with Eastmania at Puri Santrian Hotel, Sanur. The concert as a venue to help promote tourism in Bali in the world music scene. The concert was held at Hotel Puri Santrian, Sanur. Although has held few days ago, this concert is able to contribute to tourism in Bali.

“This is part of the promotion of tourism and we hope they can introduce Indonesia to the jazz community,” said Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) Sidhartha Ida Bagus Putra Denpasar. According Sidhartha Eastmania appearance is also a ‘warm’ than regular events Sanur Jazz Festival will be held once a year. It is not yet certain when the jazz festival that is usually combined with the Sanur Village Festival was held. He believes the festival will add to the lively jazz entertainment activities and boost the number of tourist visits to Bali.

Eastmania initiated a bloody musician Morocco, Ibn Battuta, known as the adventure for 30 years to a number of countries. In this group of musicians to join Indonesia Dwiki Dharmawan (piano), other than that there are musicians Kuwait Kamal Musallam (guitar), Paola Repele (vocals) Italian, and two Middle Eastern musicians Paola Repele (percussionist) and Israel Varella (drums).

Sidhartha, who nicknamed gusde, said the group chose Bali over the proposed Dwiki Dharmawan, who has appeared in Sanur Village Festival 2010 – because it has so many jazz fans. In addition, the musicians were able to visit places in the hope of promoting tourism to jazz audiences in other countries. Dwiki, with another group Dwiki & World Peace Ensemble, will also appear on the show at the Concert for Komodo Kuta Beach this weekend.

Gusde describes the international-class concert is always waiting in the jazz community, especially big cities in various countries. The opportunity just this one night be best utilized and although impressed rush, the preparation is done according to standard Eastmania mature, good sound, lighting and stage. About the choice to Bona Alit with consideration to both groups could engage in dialogue with each other. Music group led Gung Alit origin Banjar Kelod Bona, the village of Bona, Gianyar is well known for its game music is thick with ethnic instruments. Some claim Gung Alit music from the album Kishi Kishi: Whispering will be played in this concert. “Who knew they inspire each other and open up possibilities of opportunities to perform at the jazz festival that they recommend,” said gusde.

While Eastmania which is a collaboration of musicians from various countries will feature musical skills in an alloy combining the various elements of ethnic harmony. Meeting of these musicians has spawned several jazz compositions that specifically presented last night in Bali. Eastmania has appeared at Java Jazz Festival 2011 recently.

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