Stop Political Abuse in Myanmar !

blogger united stop political abuse ImagesThousands of bloggers around the world just participate campaign to stop abuse in the world today,
but i just read on Newspaper about the last situation in Myanmar. As we known, thousands of Buddhist monk and peoples
there doing peace demonstration for democracy. But their military government answer that action with
brutal action, and 4 Buddhist monk has been victims.
It’s same like what we were here, when all of University Students did demonstration to Soeharto
(the World Bank’s Most Corupptor version). We only need justice, peace, democracy, and no political abuse
by military government.

As personal, i respect with all Buddhist monk in Myanmar, and i believe
in next several day, the military government will fall.

Let’s campaign stop political abuse by Myanmar Military Government from your blog.

2 thoughts on “Stop Political Abuse in Myanmar !

  1. cool. check my blog and then shout u’r voice there..

  2. Kamu koq ndak ikut demo ma?
    Situ khan dah mirip biksu kalo dipandang dari angel kepala?

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