Want the Great Holiday? Visit Japan!

holiday to japan
Japan is another great place to be visited. Its capital town, Tokyo is one of the best places to be visited. Tokyo has long history which hid and possessed many great historical value and stories. The facts, stories and building are great things to be shared to the tourists. In Japan, when you are arriving at the Narita airport, you can simply take bus or taxi to go to Tokyo. It takes like two hours from Narita to Tokyo. On the way, you can see the great Japanese city management like the industrial sectors is being divided completely from the citizen residences and any other things like that. It could create the concept that the Japanese government does really plan the city perfectly. Many development countries should learn from them.

Then after two hours then you are arrived in Tokyo. Prepare to be blown away by the magical city of Tokyo. You can see that there are a lot of people walking super fast and they are al wearing the exact same clothes like black trousers and white shirts. You can get the best accommodations in Tokyo. There are many great hotels in Tokyo like the Toshi Center Hotel and many more. The hotels are mostly neat and awesome. It could be small but the size doesn’t matter since the employee of the hotels would serve you really well with their delicious food like sushi, sashimi, takoyaki, cawanmushi and any other great Japanese food.

For the holiday destination in Tokyo, you can visit the shopping centre Asakusa. Asakusa could offer you many great things such as souvenirs, clothes and many more. In the roads nearby Asakusa, there are so many Japanese restaurant, most of them served many various and delicious foods. The other good thing about Japan is their drinking machine. They have this unique drinking machine where you can choose any kind of drinks that you want by simply put some yen inside of the machine. There are juice, milk tea, coffee cream and many more.

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