When You Got Arrogant Client

wow..it’s almost 1 month i never update my blog. I was busy with some website project and also (read:always) busy with my jobs in office. Unlucky, i got arrogant client on my last several project. I know, the client is a king, and we have to do what they want. But on my opinion, difference people have difference taste of the design.

why i said that ? ok, let me tell you.. i got project in the local hospital here to make interactive cd, i was busy with some website project so i gave the interactive cd project to my best friend that i known he’s capable to do that. Ok, the project has goal, and some of the doctors (content provider team) in that hospital agree with our concept and design. Well, it almost done, but only one old doctor (read: Dr. A) not yet reviewed our work. On last 2 days ago, i have time to show our last result to dr. A..and what he said about our work ? “hey, you did a bad design on this interactive cd !”, “Do you, even i’m a doctor..i have experience on art design too!, that’s way i have a Production House and i do create company profile often”

Well, i was thinking why if he think he can do better than us, why he don’t create it with his own production house.. i was said to him..difference people have difference way to see the design or art. I was lazy to debate it with him, so i tell him to make list of revision, and do with his taste.

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