Which area do you choose for honeymoon in Bali ?

Today, if we talk about holiday accommodation in Bali, most peoples will lead you to choose Bali private villas! We will easy to find any private villa in each area in Bali. Various type of holiday can use a private villa as the accommodation. From family reunion, company gathering or meeting to your private honeymoon, you just adjust with your holiday need and budget. Talking about honeymoon in Bali, it’s simple for us to find any honeymoon packages that offered by hotels, agents, or villas.

For me, one bedroom private villa as quoted from this article is a perfect place to spend our memorable time. As i mention above, private villas are easy to find in each area in Bali, but only several area that suit for our honeymoon holiday. Honeymoon is identical with privacy, quite and romantic candle light dinner. Ubud village is a perfect place to arrange our honeymoon. Imagine that you will get an outdoor romantic candle light dinner on the edge of pool, furthermore you will get fresh and cool air in the morning with a valley view that become typical of Ubud village. For honeymooners that love to enjoy their holiday time in night life, Seminyak and Umalas area are recommended. Seminyak has been a favorite destination for villa rentals, and it’s easy to find any 1 bedroom private pool villa in this area. Close to the beach, restaurants, cafe, and night life are the reason why travelers love to stay in Seminyak area, although some peoples assume Seminyak is noisy for their holiday. For peoples who would like to stay in quite area but still close to Seminyak area, then Umalas is recommended. Today, many villa resorts has developed in this area, and some of them has been designed to honeymoon purpose.

Plan your honeymoon well, minimize all the things that possible to make your honeymoon become a nightmare, ask and compare any honeymoon packages that you have received, and pick the best one. Honeymoon time in a private villa and have relax time in a healthy spa are a dream of every couples. Have a memorable honeymoon time!

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